10 Best Truck Batteries Right Now in The Market (Buying Guide For 2019)

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As a professional who utilizes a fleet of trucks, it might be a good idea to get the best truck battery specifically for your business.

Batteries tend to differ depending on what type of vehicle you’re driving.

Technology has ensured that specific batteries can be partnered up with specific automobiles for better performance.

With the best battery brands out there, you can keep your fleet’s maintenance in prime condition.

Plus, the right battery can lengthen your truck’s life!

Here are the top three truck batteries that you should check it out:

Best Premium Pick
Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT Automotive and LTV Battery
Best Budget Pick
ACDelco 78AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery
Best Diesel Pick
XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp AGM High Output Battery with M6 Terminal Bolt
Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT Automotive and LTV Battery
ACDelco 78AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery
XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp AGM High Output Battery with M6 Terminal Bolt
Customer Rating
43 Reviews
84 Reviews
67 Reviews
Best Premium Pick
Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT Automotive and LTV Battery
Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT Automotive and LTV Battery
Customer Rating
43 Reviews
Product Reviews
Best Budget Pick
ACDelco 78AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery
ACDelco 78AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery
Customer Rating
84 Reviews
Product Reviews
Best Diesel Pick
XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp AGM High Output Battery with M6 Terminal Bolt
XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp AGM High Output Battery with M6 Terminal Bolt
Customer Rating
67 Reviews
Product Reviews

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Discover the best truck batteries for your vehicle!

There are many types of batteries. There are ones for cars, trucks, and even marine vehicles.

Their design and lifespan differ to accommodate the specific needs of your chosen ride. Of course, quality can also vary from brand to brand.

That’s why it’s a great idea to check out truck battery reviews, as well as ones for a car battery, to learn about the top brands to buy!

On this page, we’ll explore the following:

Best Truck Battery Reviews

Truck Battery Buying Guide

Truck Battery FAQs

Also, if you own a marine vehicle and would like to learn more about marine batteries, head over to this article – Best Marine Battery for more info.


Best Truck Battery – Review


There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to truck batteries. Just search for them in Amazon, and you’ll get a wide variety.

But, out of all the models available, what is the best truck battery?

So, we’ve looked at hundreds of truck batteries and pick out only the best.

Here are some of the most highly recommended ones with good quality and high customer satisfaction:

1. Odyssey Extreme 34/78 – PC1500 DT Automotive and LTV Battery

Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT Automotive and LTV Battery
43 Reviews
Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT Automotive and LTV Battery
  • Cold Crank Amp (CCA)- 850
  • Better warranty: Limited 3 and 4 year full...
  • not pro rata
  • Longer service life: With 3-10 years of...

For bigger trucks, this battery is the perfect fit! It has a CCA of 850 which makes it powerful enough to start your car fast.

This battery is for you if you need to recharge fast as it can recharge your battery to 100 percent for 4 to 6 hours. Amazing, right?

And it also has a longer cycle life than most deep cycle batteries, and it’s even designed to be highly resistant to vibrations.

This battery can even tolerate extreme temperatures (-40° Celsius to 45° Celsius).

Plus, the warranty! It has a limited 3 and 4-year full-replacement warranty that you can make the most of!


2. Odyssey PC680 Non-Spillable AGM Battery

Odyssey PC680 Battery
425 Reviews
Odyssey PC680 Battery
  • 170 CCA; Better warranty: Limited 2-year full...
  • Longer cycle life: 70 percentage longer cycle...
  • Faster recharge: The highest recharge...
  • Vibration resistance- design protects against...

Odessey batteries come fully charged with all the necessary hardware so you can install it as soon as it arrives. If you want a battery that performs and lasts then this is the one to get. – Mark D, Amazon

Need a battery that can withstand the constant pounding and smashing of harsh road conditions? Then this battery is the one you’re looking for!

Whether you use it for land, sea, or snow, this battery can plow through it and protect you from shock because of its excellent vibration-resistance properties.

It can also provide overall power twice as much as a conventional auto battery, and can even last three times longer.

Plus, you can make the most out of its limited 2-year full replacement warranty!


3. ACDelco 78AGM AGM Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery

ACDelco 78AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery
84 Reviews
ACDelco 78AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery
  • High density negative paste, improves...
  • Enhanced life alloy/Silver Calcium stamped...
  • Calcium Lead positive grid, maximizes...
  • Robust Envelope Separator with...

AC Delco’s design makes it a great battery if you’re looking for better acid circulation and a longer-lasting battery lifespan.

It contains enhanced Silver Calcium-stamped alloy that further increases cycle life as well as improves the battery’s performance.

Its positive grid is made up of Calcium Lead for better conductivity, and it has a durable Envelope Separator that increases acid circulation and prevents shorts from happening.

Plus, the vent cap design even prevents acid leakage from ever occurring!

If you still want to look into more models, search for these:

4. Optima OPT8040-218 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery
489 Reviews
Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery
  • 12-Volt, 620 Cold Cranking Amps, Size: 9...
  • 98 minutes reserve capacity for constant...
  • Optimal starting power even in bad weather;...
  • Fifteen times more resistant to vibration for...


5. DieHard Advanced Gold Group 49 AGM Battery

DieHard 38217 Group Advanced Gold AGM Battery GP 49
109 Reviews
DieHard 38217 Group Advanced Gold AGM Battery GP 49
  • 20X more vibration protection safeguards...
  • BCI Gp 49, CCA 850, 92 AH rating. Reserve...
  • Spill proof design provides added protection...
  • Optimized power full-frame positive and...


Best Diesel Truck Battery – Review

Truck batteries are known to be heavy-duty since they operate equally heavy equipment. However, not all are powered by gasoline.

That’s why there is still a need for the best diesel truck batteries.

Getting a diesel battery specifically designed for your diesel-powered truck will give your vehicle reliable performance and a longer-lasting battery lifespan too.

Here are a few diesel recommendations for the best truck battery:

6. XS Power D3400 AGM High Output Battery

XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp AGM High Output Battery with M6 Terminal Bolt
67 Reviews
XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp AGM High Output Battery with M6 Terminal Bolt
  • 12 Volt battery with CA: 1000, Ah: 65
  • Absorbed Glass Mat (electrolyte is suspended...
  • Spill proof, sealed, valve regulated and...
  • Ultra low internal resistance, Mount in...

If you’re in the market to buy a battery, whether it’s for upgrading your sound system or to replace your old battery simply, then this is it. Is it pricey, is it going to last 10+ years, is it a direct fit, or is it durable, HELL YEAH!! – David W, Amazon

Are you looking for more power for your truck battery?

Well, this auto battery can give you just that!

The XS Power D3400 is a 12-volt powerhouse that can provide you with a CCA of 1000.

It has AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology and has electrolyte suspended in fiber.

Like most AGM batteries, it’s also a great choice if you want better audio inside your car!

Not only that, but its sealed design allows it to be spill-proof and vibration-resistant as well!

Best of all, you can even mount this fantastic battery in almost any position you need.


7. Odyssey PC925 Automotive and LTV Battery

Odyssey PC925 Automotive and LTV Battery
155 Reviews
Odyssey PC925 Automotive and LTV Battery
  • Cold Crank Amp (CCA)- 330
  • Better warranty: Limited 3 and 4 year full...
  • Longer service life: With 3-10 years of...
  • Longer cycle life: 70 percentage longer cycle...

This battery from Odyssey has a CCA of 330 and has a longer service life than most standard car batteries.

It can last for about 3 to a whopping 10 years so you can save time and money since you won’t need to keep buying a battery for your truck.

Not only that, but it can also provide you with a longer cycle life than 70% of the batteries available in the market today.

It even has a non-spill design that can protect against high-impact shock!

Plus, its warranty is something to take advantage of at a limited 3 and 4-year full replacement conditions.


8. Optima 8002-002 34/78 Red Top Starting Battery

Optima Batteries 8002-002 34 RedTop Starting Battery
382 Reviews
Optima Batteries 8002-002 34 RedTop Starting Battery
  • 12-Volt, 800 Cold Cranking Amps, Size: 10" x...
  • Reserve capacity of 100 minutes for constant...
  • Optimal starting power even in bad weather;...
  • Fifteen times more resistant to vibration for...

Most awesome car battery ever. Anyone that has ever owned an Optima knows this all too well. My previous Red Top last 7 years and 4 alternators… – Crazy Elwin, Amazon

This 12-volt battery can offer you the high power you need at a CCA of 800. It even has a reserve capacity of 100 minutes for better and constant performance!

Now you don’t need to worry about bad weather or harsh road conditions since this battery can give you the starting power you need!

It is also 15 times more resistant to vibrations because of its high durability features, and can even be mounted in almost any position.

Plus, it has a very convenient carry handle for a more straightforward installation process.

If you still want to look into more models, search for these:

9. ACDelco 94RAGM AGM Automotive Battery

ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 94R Battery
147 Reviews
ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 94R Battery
  • High density negative paste, improves...
  • Enhanced life alloy/Silver Calcium stamped...
  • Calcium Lead positive grid, maximizes...
  • Robust Envelope Separator with...


10. Bosch S6 551B Flat Plate AGM Battery

Bosch S6551B S6 Flat Plate AGM Battery
  • 760 CCA, BCI Group: 65
  • Up to 2x longer life vs. conventional...
  • Maintenance free and spill proof battery...
  • Backed by Bosch Roadside Assistance program...


Get to Know the Battery Types

There are many types of batteries but the main two basic varieties are – maintenance-free and the more advanced Absorbed Glass Mat.

Here are the type of batteries you can find in the market right now:

Lead-Acid (Regular)

Lead-Acid is both leak and spill-proof and maintenance-free. This is great if you don’t like constantly tinkering with your auto battery.

The lead-acid battery is the most common type of battery for passenger cars.

However, if the battery starts developing problems, it can’t be fixed. You will have to replace it entirely.

Typically, a lead-acid battery can stand up to 2 – 3 years regular use until the next replacement.

Absorbed Glass Mat

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) is featured in most modern car models and is becoming a standard in the industry today.

This battery allows more recharging cycles and has more features like electronic safety, fuel-saving start-stop systems and excellent at withstanding vibration.

However, the price is higher compared to the standard batteries like lead-acid ones.

Wet Cell

Wet Cell can also be called “flooded batteries” and is one of the most affordable types today. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly kind, this is probably what you’re going to pick.

However, wet cell batteries require regular maintenance. They also can’t give as much cycle like other batteries.

Starting, Lighting, and Ignition (SLI)

The SLI initial stand for Starting, Lighting, and Ignition. SLI batteries are typically used for short bursts of power, such as starting your engine or running light electrical loads.

SLI batteries need to be recharged more frequently than other battery types since it only has a shallow charge cycle.


Lithium-Ion can store more energy than most conventional batteries. They are also one of the most lightweight and compact kinds in the market today.

However, they are only compatible with a handful of car models (mostly the hybrid and electric variety).

While this kind of battery can last up to 10 years and multiple recharge but the replacement cost can be expensive.

For example, Tesla cars use battery similar to Lithium-Ion battery to run.

Deep Cycle

Deep Cycle is not usually used by cars because they are more powerful than regular batteries, and have a long life as well.

That is why deep cycle batteries are usually reserved for marine and electric vehicles, as well as golf carts.


Advantages of Buying A Truck Battery


You might be thinking that you don’t really need to buy a truck battery if you can buy a cheaper, automotive counterpart.

Well, if you think about it functionally, it is possible for a standard car battery to operate a truck. But you must consider the size and power difference between the two.

Even if you get the best automotive battery, a truck battery is still the better fit for a vehicle that’s bigger than your conventional auto.

For now, don’t think about truck battery prices! There are different price points you can avail.

The more important features to consider is how compatible the battery is to your specific needs.

A truck needs more power to start the vehicle compared to a regular sedan.

Also, truck batteries are designed to make sure it can power up larger vehicles that require higher amps.

Now that you know why the best truck battery is essential, the next thing to consider is how to find the right one for you.

Also, learn how to jump start your car in case of an emergency? Watch this video:



Make Sure to Fit Configuration with Battery Terminals

Different battery models will have different configurations.

To save yourself time, money, and effort, ensure that the automotive battery model you’re buying is compatible with your truck’s own configuration.

Or else, the battery cables may not be able to reach the terminals. You might argue that you can always make the cables reach the terminals.

While that is entirely possible, doing so will over-extend your cables, and they might dislodge from each terminal while you’re driving.

It cannot be stressed enough that this is highly dangerous.

In this case, it doesn’t matter if you get everyone’s perceived best truck battery if you force it to work for your truck model when you could’ve gotten another one instead.


Get the Right Size Battery for Your Truck

Car and truck batteries come in different sizes. Therefore, it’s essential to pick the right one to ensure that it fits securely and provides sufficient power.

Worst is if the terminal is at the wrong side, your car’s cable might not reach, or it might not attach securely.

Here is the list of battery sizes and which vehicle are they suitable to use at:

  • Size 24/24F (top terminal): Fits many Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Nissan, and Toyota vehicles.
  • Size 34/78 (dual terminal): Fits many large Chrysler vehicles and many 1996 to 2000 GM pickups, SUVs, and midsized and large sedans.
  • Size 35 (top terminal): Fits most Japanese nameplates, including many recent Honda vehicles and most Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota vehicles.
  • Size 47 (H5) (top terminal): Fits many Buick, Chevrolet, Fiat, and Volkswagen models.
  • Size 48 (H6) (top terminal): Fits many European as well as American vehicles from Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Volkswagen, and Volvo.
  • Size 49 (H8) (top terminal): Fits many European and Asian vehicles from Audi, BMW, Hyundai, and Mercedes-Benz.
  • Size 51R (top terminal): Fits many Japanese vehicles from Honda, Mazda, and Nissan.
  • Size 65 (top terminal): Fits large cars, trucks, and sport-utility vehicles from Ford or Mercury.
  • Size 75 (side terminal): Fits some General Motors midsized and compact cars and a few Chrysler vehicles.


Get A Battery That Meets Manufacturer Ratings

When it comes to battery requirements, each manufacturer gives their own recommendation depending on your truck’s power needs.

There are lots of criteria consider, and manufacturers make it easier for you by telling you how much each battery model performs.

All you need to do is research and compare for the best fit with your truck.

As such, following manufacturer ratings is the least you need to follow. Further research can help you find the best truck battery (or best auto battery) for you.

Here are a few criteria you may want to research about:

Check for the dimensions to fit your needs

You should only use a battery size that is right for your truck.

If you buy one that is too small, it will inevitably move around in the tray. Obviously, if it is too big, it will not fit in the tray either and that can be dangerous.

What you want is the right size where the battery holder can firmly hold the battery without allowing it to move around.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

The amount of current that the battery can provide in 0° Fahrenheit. The higher the rating, the better the battery performs in extremely cold weather.

The CCA is one of the most important criteria you need to consider if you need your truck to operate in the cold weather.

Operating temperature

Shows the range of temperature in which the battery can perform in. The wider the range between the lowest and highest temperatures, the better.

AGM technology

Also known as Absorbed Glass Mat, type of battery model that features a fiberglass mat compressed between plates. It lessens vibrations experienced by the battery.

If you want to learn more about the standard lifespan of a car battery, head over to this article – How Long Does A Car Battery Last?


Battery Features and Accessories You Might Need

To keep your truck battery performing at its best, you might want to check out a few features and accessories you might need:

  • Carry Handle – makes installation and replacement easy and straightforward, since most batteries weigh heavily at about 25kg to 60 kg.
  • Trickle Charger – prevents your battery from being extensively discharged when not used for an extended period of time. A good contender for the best truck battery charger, you should always have one present in your truck.
  • Portable Jump Starter – great for emergency situations. Jump starts your truck in case battery runs out.

Want to find out what is the best battery charger and tester? Head to these articles – Best Car Battery Charger and Car Battery Tester for more info.


Car Battery vs. Truck Battery


From truck to semi-truck batteries, it can get quite confusing which one you probably need the most. There’s just too many options!

To determine which the best battery for you to get is, learn how to differentiate between the two, first.

In the simplest terms, all batteries function the same way. They convert chemical energy into electrical energy to power up your vehicles.

However, truck batteries are made to withstand harsher conditions as well as provide higher amounts of power.

Truck batteries offer much higher cranking amps even compare to the best car battery and it can also withstand stronger vibrations as well.

These features make it a great choice, especially if your truck is in constant use.

Want to learn how to choose the right type of car battery for you? Watch this video:



What Are the Best Battery Brands?

Aside from learning about specific battery models, you can also check out the best truck battery brands on the market right now.

You never know, the perfect car battery for you might be one of the more obscure battery models out there.

Here are a few battery brands you might want to look into:


Optima is one of the most visible brands you will find. Their batteries are made with pure lead which allows them to conduct electricity faster than other batteries.

They can also improve the overall performance of your vehicle and can hold up to rough road conditions.


ACDelco is well-known for the extreme durability of their batteries. The terminal of their products is also applauded for their overall design.

All units produced by this brand is thoroughly checked to assure you that you only get quality products.


Odyssey is known for making excellent deep cycle batteries. Its batteries can handle even harsh off-road conditions.

XS Power

XS Power is known for its power-packed performance. They produce sealed AGM batteries that can easily replace your own standard unit.

While XS Power batteries can fit into almost anything, they are well-matched with trucks, SUVs, and high-performance vehicles.


DieHard has been creating automobiles batteries that are both durable and reliable by using the latest innovations and technologies.

Odyssey batteries are commonly used by applications from industrial, commercial, automatic and military uses.


Duralast is famous for its budget-friendly and yet powerful battery. This brand has contested the performance of DieHard in many aspects.


The EverStart is one of the best battery manufacturers in the US and Johnson Controls are the creator of EverStart batteries.

This brand is also well known for its price friendly and high-quality automobile battery.


How Many Cranking Amps to Start A Truck?

Before answering the question above, first, you must ask: what are cranking amps?

Cranking Amps (CA) is the unit used to measure the battery’s starting power. Knowing your battery’s CA is essential since it’s a criterion you need to match with your truck’s requirements.

The answer to the question above, therefore, is “it depends.”

Most SUVs and small trucks can be started with 400 amps.

Some larger trucks can be started with only 700 amps. But just to be safe, most bigger vehicles would need 1000 amps.

Also, don’t be too alarmed if you use a charger that has a higher amperage to charge a battery.

That’s just the maximum amperage that the charger can provide, but the internal regulator will only give what your truck requires. So, it’s safe.

By the way, want to know what you can do with your old batteries? Check out this article for more information – How to Recondition Batteries.

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