The Best Car Wax for UV Protection to Use in The High-Temperature Regions

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After a few years, your dazzling ride wouldn’t look as brand-new because its paintwork wouldn’t last forever. That’s unfortunately true. But it’s entirely up to you if you want that to happen much later rather than sooner. You can take good care of your ride by applying different products that it might need, like car wax with UV Protection.


Good thing that even the most durable car wax can help give your vehicle the Ultraviolet defense it needs.

When buying an auto, the upper layers of its paint already act as a protectant from UV rays. This is good as it’s more likely that you’ll be using your ride regularly, and it will be in direct contact with pollutants like dust and grime, as well as fading from the harsh beams of sunlight.

While it is true that some waxes have UV shields in them since you apply only a thin layer of it on your automobile’s surface, it wouldn’t actually do a lot of protecting. What a car wax with UV protection actually does is helping you seal in the shields already in place.

Without these waxes, the existing shields would be stripped away and your auto will be left defenseless. That’s why these kinds of paint sealants are very important to detailing and to the maintenance of your vehicle.

So, in this article, we’ll explore:


What Is the Car Paint Fading Causes?


There are many reasons for your ride’s paint to fade but since we’re talking about the unwanted effects of sunlight, we can narrow it down to two ugly things.


Have you seen old cars in the street where its paint job has varying shades of its color, and you know it just isn’t because of the design? Yes, the ones that looked like they’ve been bleached badly!

Those bleaching effects on their surfaces are caused by a difference in chemical bonding. Since UV rays break the chemical bonds, light reflects on the paint differently causing this kind of fading.


Another unbecoming thing to happen to your beloved ride if not taken care of properly is when you see blobs of brittle substances on top of it. Like it’s been washed with acid! This happens when loss of electrons occurs on a chemical level, leaving your automobile rusty.


How to Protect Car Paint from Sun Damage?

Now, if you want to retain that stunning glazed finish, it’s high time you invest in car wax (not polish, there’s a difference!). This all depends highly on personal preferences. If you want the longest lasting car wax, try the Liquid Glass LG-100. This sealant works just like wax as it gives an ultra-glossy finish (which will not crack!) that can last for a whopping 12 months!

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Of course, any autogeek will still swear by carnauba since it gives a stunning shine and it has a very high melting point so it’s great for places with higher temperatures. Carnauba car wax is widely available in the market, but one brand that’s been tested and recommended is the P21S Concours. It gives a high gloss and is considered a premium product for black vehicles and is very affordable as well.

But if you want something that’s long-wearing, great for hotter spots, and gives ultimate shine; the best synthetic car wax is what you need. Give the NXT Generation Tech Wax by Meguiar a try.

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You can always go to a professional to do this for you but like what was mentioned in the video below, they all have standards to meet and they need to make money. If you don’t have the budget, you can always do it yourself. Whatever the brand (Trinova or Turtle), whatever the form (liquids or spray), it’s best to read each product’s instruction and use a microfiber towel to get the best possible results



How to Restore Faded Paint on Car?

Restoring your ride’s former glory is possible if it’s already faded. Just wash it with specialized auto-shampoo and water to remove excess dirt and use any of the products above. But if it’s still looking amazing, don’t wait for the finish to fade before doing something! Preventive measures are better than having to restore it back.

Look For Shelter

When parking, try to look for a shaded area that keeps your automobile away from the harsh glare of the sun. Park inside a garage as often as possible, or under a tree if you’re in a commercial area.

Wash Frequently

It’s recommended to wash your vehicle regularly since it’s always in contact with pollutants. Washing it at least once a week using special shampoo and water can keep it looking great longer.

Invest in a Car Cover

A shade can only do so much. If you’re looking for better defense against both light and dirt, get a car cover.

Get Extra Defense

Installing a whole-body protection film on your car would ease your worries a bit, that’s for sure. Although you DIY it, it might be better to seek expert advice when installing.


How Sun Damage Car Interior?


With all the talk of your auto’s finish and exterior, you may be left to think that its interior isn’t prone to sun damage. Sorry to say that it still is. If you’re not careful, the seats and dashboard may start to prematurely flake. Good thing there are products that can help prevent this, as well.

Windshield Sun Shade

Invest in a windshield shade to keep your dashboard from being baked directly by daylight. It comes in many shapes, sizes, and designs so you can personalize it to fit your preferences. It is also really affordable and widely available. Look here for some good sun shade at Amazon.

Car Window Sun Protection Film

A great way to shield your eyes from the glare and to defend your skin from UVA and UVB, a window protection film also lessens the damage done to your ride’s interior. Just make sure that you’re tinting it within legal limits. Check out at Amazon for some excellent sun protection films.


Why Is the Inside of a Car Hotter Than the Outside Temperature on A Sunny Day?

This is because air inside is rising as hot as the temperature outside, but since it’s locked up in a small space it can’t dissipate like the air outside. Here is an explanation by UCSB ScienceLine:

This phenomenon – whereby the inside of a car gets really very hot, much hotter than the outside is known as the GREENHOUSE effect. This is what happens. Sunlight travels from the sun in the visible part of the spectrum (i.e., we can see it!) and strikes the inside surface of the car. The sunlight is absorbed by the surface of the car (say the dashboard and the carpet) and since radiation is energy, the absorption of the visible radiation causes the surface that is struck to heat up.


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