The 4 Best Huck Cloths for Car Drying and Window Cleaning

The proper skills and knowledge about car detailing can only get you so far. You also need the best tools to aid you in your success. Huck towels, for example, are really helpful accessories to have in your car care arsenal.

In fact, the quality of your car drying towel is so vital that debates are even done in the auto world to determine which type of cloth is the best, like the chamois vs. microfiber debate.

Even if there’s a microfiber madness happening today, avid enthusiasts and car owners know that there are other equally great towel types out there that you can use.

One of these lesser-known towel types is the huck cloth. Whether you get white huck towels, green huck towels, or blue huck towels, they’re amazing at glass cleaning among other detailing steps.


Can the best huck towels work for auto detailing?

where to buy huck towels

If you don’t have the budget to buy specialized detailing towels like the waffle weave, you can always opt for sponge cloths or what remains of your best bath towels. You can also choose the cotton huck fabric variety. Like most towels, huck towels can be used for a multitude of purposes; one of which is detailing.

These towels are amazingly durable and absorbent, which is why many institutions (medical or otherwise) like having them on hand. They are great wiping cloths when you wash your car, especially for your glass parts since they’re lint-free.

But, you’re right. Huck towels aren’t commonly sold in stores. So it’s a good idea to ask where to buy huck towels. There are many specialty stores that sell these types of towels but most of them will sell it in bulk.

The most convenient place to buy these awesome towels would probably be online. Amazon sells a variety of huck towels either new or ‘reclaimed’ at retail or bulk. They also come in different colors so you have lots of choices. The multiple colors are helpful if you need to assign a different color for various tasks. Below are some excellent options for huck towels you can purchase for your detailing needs.

So, in this article, we’ll explore:


The Top 4 Best Huck Towels Reviews

1. Generic Blue Huck Towels

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If you need a lot of good quality towels at once, these generic blue huck towels are the ones to buy! You get a whopping fifty pieces, and they all work great. You can use them for window cleaning and even as overall household wipers. Each piece is sized at 16 inches by 24 inches so they are quite large. This means you’ll be able to wipe more surface for less the time.

What’s so amazing about these towels is that they’re made from cotton fabric which means they’re soft and amazing for gentle cleaning. They’re also woven so tightly so it’s possible for them to be lint-free. You don’t have to worry about pesky cotton fibers sticking to your windows and finish!

But, it’s a good idea to remember that they do shrink in size. Most cotton does. To reduce the shrinking, what you can do is refrain from washing them in hot water and only dry them in medium heat.



2. Towels by Dr. Joe Surgical Huck Towels

Towels by Doctor Joe Blue 16' x 25' New Surgical Huck Towel, Pack of 12
914 Reviews
Towels by Doctor Joe Blue 16" x 25" New Surgical Huck Towel, Pack of 12
  • Excellent for windshields, windows, rear view...
  • Reusable and long lasting - no more paper...
  • Colorfast towels are highly absorbent
  • Removes dust, dirt, smudges, grease,...

Strictly speaking for car detailing and maintenance, the Towels by Dr. Joe are amazing for washing and drying your windows, mirrors, and windshields. It’s a great and eco-friendly alternative to paper towels since it is washable and reusable.

Plus, they remove dirt and residue quite satisfactorily. They also come in seven different colors so you can easily color code each and every task you want to use it in. The only advantage for this brand is that the towels come in many colors. Unlike other brands that usually come in single color.

Word of caution, this brand does shed lint although huck towel not supposed to shed lint. Although it’s marketed as lint-free, but a comment from the previous buyer that there are times where it does shed so handle it with care. Just don’t use it on glass or window and you will be fine. If you’d rather not deal with this problem, buy another brand.


3. MIMAATEX Huck Towels

MIMAATEX Huck Towels -50 Piece Pack -16"x 24"- New 100% Cotton Super Absorbent-Lint Free (Green)
  • New 50 Towels, 16" x 24" inches
  • 100% Cotton- Brand New-Never Used- Not...
  • Great for Household cleaning, dish cloth,...
  • Lint Free-Excellent for Auto...

Like the generic variety, these towels from MIMAATEX come in a huge 16 by 24 inches size and it’s excellent for all around the house cleaning and car washing. You can even use it on your glass components without any worries because it is proven to be lint-free.

It is also extremely absorbent so you’ll need fewer wring-outs with these towels. Plus, you get 50 NEW pieces (guaranteed to be not reclaimed), and it comes in different colors as well, though limited.


4. Atlas White Towels

Atlas White Huck Towels 16x26" New (24 Pack)
  • ALL COTTON: Lint-free 100% Cotton Huck...
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT: Highly Absorbent Streak...
  • MULTIPLE USES: Removes Residue, Smudges,...
  • EASY CARE: Machine Wash with like colors....

These Atlas towels are great companions for cleaning around the house, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom. It’s an amazing product to have on hand when making a mess with baking and so on. Plus, you can save a lot by replacing paper towels with these.

They’re machine washable so you can reuse them time and time again. They also come in a huge 18 inches by 26 inches so more surface cleaned in less the time.

However, they are a bit coarse so they aren’t very friendly to your auto finish as they might scratch it. These towels are amazing for everything else, just not for the gentle cleaning that your car might need. However, it is still a good choice to use for car interior cleaning.


What are Huck Towels?

huck towels amazon

Huck towels are made from a pure cotton fabric that is known for its high durability. The huck refers to the type of weave it possesses. It has a tight woven feature where one side is flat and the other has evenly spaced ridges on it. Huck towels are commonly found and widely used in the medical industries, during a medical operation and many more.

The unique weave allows it to be lightweight, thin, and highly absorbent which makes it an excellent choice for cleaning rags. The 100% cotton fabric tightly woven together allows it to be lintless which in turn makes it ideal for wiping windows and other glass components because no cotton fiber will be left on the surface.

Regular huck towels can be used for a whole number of tasks, be it inside your home or in other commercial institutions and they come in many colors which are great for determining specific purposes. You can assign blue for the kitchen, white for the bathroom, green for the garage, etcetera.


What are Huck Towels Used for?

Aside from being great wiping and cleaning towels for your glass and car wash needs, these fantastic cloths are more widely known as ‘surgical huck towels.’ The reason for this is that they have become the standard choice for wiping down surgical instruments in medical facilities.

Their thin weave makes them easy to launder and lessens the chances of bacteria and viruses from forming inside the towels themselves. So, they are great at disinfecting and cleaning tools after every surgery.

Basically, huck towels are amazing surgical towels for window cleaning. But that’s not all. They are also great for everyday cleaning inside your house. You can use it for kitchen spills as they absorb amazingly well.

You can also use them as bathroom hand towels, especially if you’re having guests over. They’re not only functional but they look and feel great, as well. Also, these towels are very cheap when you buy in bulk.


Huck Towels for Window Cleaning

When it comes to detailing, microfiber towels are the supreme ruler today. That’s because they actually do a pretty good job for lots of the detailing steps you would need to do. They’re also easy to find and less expensive than other towels.

But when it comes to window washing, a towel you might want to consider using is the huck cloth. This towel is sewn together in a way that no lint or unwanted fabric fiber will be left when you wipe it on your glass surfaces, leaving it crystal clear and reflective (which is what you want to aim for).

Microfiber towels will do an amazing job, that’s true. But the tightness of the huck towel’s weave can ensure that it will do better. So, for window cleaning towels, choose huck.


Huck Towels for Embroidery

huck embroidery patterns

Huck towels are also used for embroidery purposes. Huck embroidery fabric is ideal because of the raised ridges on one side and the flat surface on the other. These raised parts help in ensuring that no unsightly loops will occur at the back of the pattern. By using huck, the embroidery pattern is easier to clean on the back side while not affecting the design on the front.


Reclaimed Huck Towels

If you want to lower the price and get a good bargain on your towels, get huck towels wholesale. In fact, most huck cloths are already sold by the dozen or in huge bulks so it isn’t hard to find someone who’ll sell you a lot.

If you want to lower the price even further, try buying used surgical huck towels. In medical institutions, huck towels are considered disposable and are retired from service after a few uses and sometimes single use only. Now, don’t be alarmed! These ‘used’ towels are clean, and still very serviceable.

It’s just good and ethical practice to keep replacing huck towels after a few uses to ensure that everything in the medical facilities remains 100% hygienic and bacteria-free. These ‘used’ towels are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before being sold, so you don’t have to worry about using them for whatever purpose you need. If you are still skeptical, use the reclaimed huck towel for less important tasks like in the garage or gardening.

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