Optimum No Rinse Car Wash & Shine: The All-in-1 Clean, Shine and Protect Without Rinsing

Both a detailer and a regular car owner know that washing your car is a vital step in car maintenance. Products like the Optimum No Rinse (ONR) wash provide assistance in this process.

No-rinse products such as this brand perform as well as any of the traditional car shampoos.

They remove dirt and other surface contaminants, are conveniently easy to use, and will leave your vehicle with a clean and bright finish.

The Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine is truly an excellent product. It can be a rinseless wash, a quick detailer or a clay lubricant depending on how much water you dilute with.

With this product, it does not take a chemist to formulate excellent car care products; just follow the instruction that comes along and you’re all set!

What so great about the ONR Wash & Shine is that it requires no rinsing. You can conserve water and still get your vehicle beautifully clean!

Read on here to learn more about the benefits of a no-rinse car wash.

Of course, there are other products you can still look into. Other brands offer the same service.

If you want to discover similar products such as the Optimum No Rinse, check out the Best Car Wash Products post.

But, for this article, let’s focus back to Optimum car care.

So, in this article, we’ll explore:


Learn more about the innovative Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine

optimum no rinse wash & wax

Before delving deeper into this wonderful brand and its lines of products, let’s take a look the the many ways we can utilize this product:

1. To create a waterless wash

Add 1 ounce of No Rinse Wash & Shine to 2 gallons of water

Firstly, soak a microfiber towel in the solution and wash your vehicle just like any regular wash.

After that dry your car with another clean microfiber towel. There’s no need to rinse!

As the product cleans all vehicle surfaces, the lubricants and substantive polymers in the formula will create a layer of protection for the car paint.

2. To create a regular car wash

Add 1 ounce of No Rinse Wash & Shine to wash water made with your regular car wash.

The advanced polymers and lubricants from the product will help to create an additional layer of protection for your car paint after wash.

3. To create a clay bar lubricant

Add 2 ounces of No Rinse Wash & Shine to a gallon of water to make a clay bar lubricant.

This formula is to use against very stubborn stains that stuck on the car paint where regular wash just won’t able to clean it.

To clean, wet the surface of your vehicle and apply the mixture. After you’ve clay each section, simply wipe it dry.

4. To create a quick detailer

Add 8 ounces of No Rinse Wash & Shine to a gallon of water.

After that fill the mixture into a spray bottle and use it whenever you need a quick cleaning for your cars.

This mixture will give you the ultimate protection from abrasion and micro-marring as you clean.

Also, after the cleaning, your vehicle will look like you just applied wax.

Now, let’s explore further of the Optimum No Rinse product line.


Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine Review

Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine - 32 oz. Bottle | Multi-Use Rinseless Car Wash | Waterless Wash for...
  • No Rinse Wash & Shine is the most...
  • No Rinse does not require rinsing since there...
  • The polymers in the new formula no rinse wash...
  • You will notice the greater lubricity while...

There are many individually great things about the ONR Wash & Shine.

Aside from being another option to traditional car wash products, this rinseless car wash is the eco lover’s dream.

Since it require almost no water to wash a car, it can significantly eliminate stormwater runoff.

You’re being given a choice to help save your environment while still being able to get what you want; a sleek and shiny auto.

It’s the perfect compromise!

You get to clean your car for better protection and maintenance, and the world doesn’t even have to suffer for it. Plus, this waterless car wash is effective (up to a point).

Optimum No Rinse contains a blend of polymers that offer high performing lubrication. These polymers bond to the paint while it lifts up and removes dirt and grime for an amazing, clear finish.

Plus, you can use this solution anywhere at any time since you only need a few tools and very little water to make it work its magic.

The magic doesn’t even need to end with your car. You can use this product on motorcycles, trucks, RVs, and also on boats as well.

Now, can you now see why a lot of professional auto detailers like this product so much?

It also comes in another variant: the Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax.


Benefits Of Using The No Rinse Wash & Shine

There are many benefits in using a waterless car wash like the ONR Wash & Shine. Some of the pros are:

Environmental friendly

Unlike regular car wash where gallons of water is used, no-rinse wash eliminates the soapy water runs into storm drains.

Imagine all the all the soap, oils, and dirt that was on your car is now in the nearest lake or stream.

By using the waterless car wash, you’re literally saving the lake and stream from pollution.

By the way, the Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine is water-soluble, biodegradable, and meets all water usage laws established by the federal Clean Water Act and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Free to wash your vehicle at anytime

Since this product requires a minimal amount of water and there’s no need to rinse, you can wash your vehicle whenever and wherever you want.

Also, this allows you to clean and detail your car during winter time. Otherwise, it will be impossible to wash a car during the cold months.

Help to conserve clean water

If you’re living in water restrictions places, you should be very familiar with the difficulties of limited water usage.

For you people, water is very precious and washing car is usually the very last priority.

Optimum No Rinse Wash N’ Shine allows you to conserve water while washing your vehicle because there’s no need to rinse.

One gallon of water is all you need to wash your vehicle as well as any ordinary car wash.

Replaces all the non-safe products

Quick detailers were one of the first categories of products affected by VOC laws.

Most of the quick detailing products are formulated with petroleum byproducts and they are toxic to the environment and user.

The Optimum No Rinse Wash N’ Shine is made with state-of-the-art polymers and lubricants,  it enhances your vehicle’s finish without releasing harmful compounds into the air.

Limited wasted

Imagine if you have to buy an individual bottle of the quick detailer, car shampoo, and clay lubricant.

End of the day, you’ll have 3 bottles to throw away after finishing it and that will increase the amount of landfill.

And now imagine again that this amount multiplies by thousands of people using these products. This will create a whole lot of rubbish on the earth.

So, if today you replace all those products with one bottle of No Rinse Wash & Shine, that will greatly improve the situation.

Also, all Optimum’s bottles are recyclable. How cool it that!


Optimum No Rinse Product Line

Before delving deeper into this wonderful brand and more of its lines of products, you must remember that you will still need a few items to help you with your project.

No, that doesn’t include a hose or an additional bucket! You won’t need to soak your vehicle in ultra-soapy water, after all.

However, you will still need to do inside car cleaning as well.

So, accessories like leather conditioners and interior detailing brushes are a must.

Plus, you will need a towel. Yes, that’s right! Whether you use traditional or rinseless washes, having a set of car towels is required.

Read on here to discover the best towel to dry a car with.

When the surface of your car is dirty and dull, the first thing you need to do is wash it.

The typical process is to use gallons and gallons of water. But that takes hours to finish, and it’s a waste.

Optimum No Rinse gives you a better solution since you’ll only need a small amount of water.

Don’t worry because it’s safe to use and it’s as effective as regular car shampoos.

This brand has a few varieties of its rinseless products so you can even choose the one that’s most applicable to your needs.

You can even avail of the other useful products from the Optimum line too.


More of Optimum No Rinse Products Review

That’s right! Optimum also has some excellent detailing products that will further help you do better car detailing and maintenance.

To get the best and longest lasting results, having high-quality products to assist you cannot hurt.

Aside from shampoos, you can buy their other products to help you stock up your detailing kit and protect your ride’s surface from pollutants.

Plus, their no-rinse method is beneficial for people who live in a water usage limit states and also do not want to deal with a messy problem such as dirty cleaning water.

To help you narrow down the products you might want to check out, pick from the list below:

Optimum CW2006Q Car Wash - 32 oz.
  • Highly concentrated for rich lather and...
  • Does not remove or affect existing wax or...
  • Optimum Car Wash is pH neutral and contains...
  • Use only 1/2 ounce per gallon for premium...
Optimum SW2008P Car Wax - 17 oz.
  • Perfect for all exterior surfaces including...
  • Extremely easy application, just spray on and...
  • No hazardous or harsh chemicals, solvents or...
  • Wax and protect your vehicle in just minutes...
Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer - 17 oz.
  • Exclusive formulation of fluoro polymers and...
  • Safe for all paint, clear coat, trim, vinyl...
  • Spray on a wet, rinsed vehicle after washing...
  • Water-based formula with no hazardous...
Optimum Power Clean - 1 Gallon
  • Enhanced polymers and emulsifiers degrease...
  • Use full strength or dilute 3: 1 water for...
  • No hazardous or harsh chemicals, solvents or...
  • Spray on, allow time for cleaning action but...
Optimum OB2008G Opti-Bond Tire Gel - 1 Gallon
  • Now you can easily have beautiful tires and...
  • Opti-Bond Tire Gel provides durable...
  • Opti-Bond Tire Gel looks great yet contains...
  • Opti-Bond Tire Gel has a brilliant shine with...


Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine vs. Wash & Wax

waterless car wash

When it comes to the two variants of the Optimum rinseless car wash, the main difference between the two is that the other one has wax and the other one has none.

Now, both products work great!

However, some people may prefer their rinseless wash without wax while others might want the opposite.

To appease both sides, they created two separate waterless washes.

Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax has added carnauba wax into its formula.

Therefore, it’s an excellent all-around car care product since you can also use this on your car’s glass parts and some of its interior as well.

However, you should note that both rinseless car washes work effectively up to a certain point only. It still depends on the conditions your car starts with.

These products will work on light to moderately dirty vehicles. It won’t work if your vehicle is heavily filthy. A proper, traditional car wash is needed for that.


Where to Buy Optimum No Rinse?

Now that you know more about its hero products, the next question to ask is: Where do you buy Optimum No Rinse?

Not to worry! This brand is quite easy to find.

You can always check out your local auto shops if they have it in stock. But if you want to be absolutely sure, just shop online.

Optimum Car Care products are carried by trusted online stores such as Autozone, Walmart, and Amazon.

Also, besides the ONR, the Meguiar’s is another brand that we highly recommend for its product quality. Check out the Meguiar’s Waterless Car Wash.


How to Use Optimum No Rinse?

Optimum No Rinse is a concentrate. Therefore, it’s not meant to be used straight out from the bottle.

So make sure to follow the product directions to the very last detail to make sure that you’re using it correctly.

With the Optimum No Rinse dilution finished, you now have an effective rinseless wash that you can spray on your car’s surface.

Waterless auto clean formulas generally have a mix of special lubricants and also cleaning up agents that lift and border dirt fragments. – Eco Green Auto Clean, Medium

These special lubricants are the reason why your diluted solution can clean your car without leaving a scratch behind.

But the best thing about Optimum No Rinse is that it’s multi-purpose!

If you don’t need it as a waterless wash just yet, you can also use it as an instant detailer for quick touch-ups or as a clay bar lubricant.

See, this product is a real bargain!

Just remember to have a microfiber cloth on hand to help you wipe off the product. Keeping a few in your trunk is good practice, so you’re always prepared.

Learn more by watching this How to Use Optimum No Rinse video below.


Also, read this article to learn how to wash your car properly.

Afterward, check out this article to discover the best way to dry your car.



Optimum Polymer Technologies

Optimum Polymer Technologies is the company behind Optimum Car Care. It was founded by Dr. David Ghodoussi back in 2001 in Memphis, Tenessee.

Dr. Ghodoussi has been working as an Organic Chemist in charge of the research and development of automotive chemicals prior to building his company.

His years of experience, as well as the help of his accomplished colleagues, created the advanced formula that makes Optimum No Rinse an excellent professional automotive detailing system.

Their formulations gave their customers another option aside from the conventional car care products we have in the market today.

Learn more about Optimum Polymer Technologies by watching some of their product videos.

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