7 Best Car Paint Sealants and Buyer’s Guide (The Car Wax Alternative That Focuses on Protection)

The most well-known part of auto detailing is paint protection. If you’re a traditional autogeek, you might be used to using car wax. But a polymer sealant can do a better job protecting your finish!

A car paint sealant is created with a particular formulation that offers your ride ultra-durable defense while maintaining a beautiful glaze.

Sure, it might not be as glossy as wax but you’ll be better protected from unwanted scratches and dirt.

So, it’s still a win-win situation for you!


Polymer sealant as car paint protectant.

When it comes to the best shine, carnauba waxes still reign supreme. But with great car washing efforts and the right accessories like microfiber towels and pads, sealants can absolutely create almost the same beautiful effect. But for longer!

If you’re looking for the longest lasting, car sealant is definitely the way to go. It can give your ride the shine it deserves while providing your paintwork with fantastic protection against pesky contaminants.

So, in this article, we’ll explore:


Meguiar’s Polymer Sealant

The brand Meguiar’s has been in the automotive industry for a really long time. In fact, you could even say they’re a pioneer.

Meguiar’s is so well known because of their high-quality products (and they have so many of those).


If you’re looking for a particular auto product, there’s a high chance that Meguiar’s carries one.

It’s not entirely surprising if a car owner owns an all-Meguiar’s car kit. Their products are so well-loved and amazing that they even created a line called Meguiar’s Professional for auto experts around the world.

In fact, one reason why this innovative company is still going strong is that they change with the times.

While they carry traditional waxes, Meguiar’s has also developed high-performing sealants.

A Meguiar’s polymer paint sealant? You’ll surely be satisfied with this.

After all, you can easily be satisfied with any Meguiar product.

Some of the sealants they carry right now are the Meguiars M21 Mirror Glaze Synthetic Sealant 2.0, Mirror Glaze Professional Polymer Sealant, and the Marine Professional Polish Sealant. Check out these three products and they can be easily purchased from Amazon.

1. Meguiar’s M20 Mirror Glaze Professional Polymer Sealant

If amazing visual enhancement is what you’re after, this polymer sealant is a better product to get.

This product is like wax on steroids!

It can give you the blinding brilliance that any wax can provide but for far longer.

Its formula is a made of a fantastic blend of advanced polymers, silicones, and naturally-occurring waxes so it’s like getting the best of both worlds.

You can even safely use it on any color and any type of paint finish, including your clear coats!

Plus, you can apply it any way you want whether by hand or using a buffer polisher.

If you want to shorten your detailing time, we suggest using an orbital or rotary buffer or a dual action and random orbit polisher.

It depends entirely on you!


2. Meguiars M21 Mirror Glaze Synthetic Sealant 2.0

Meguiar's M2116 Mirror Glaze Synthetic Sealant 2.0, 16 Fluid Ounces, 1 Pack
  • ADVANCED PAINT CARE: Synthetic polymer...
  • WATER ROLLS RIGHT OFF: Hydrophobic polymer...
  • DEEP REFLECTIVE FINISH: Produces a noticeably...
  • FLAWLESS LOOK: Visually eliminates fine...

The Meguiar’s mirror glaze is an excellent product if you truly want results that will last you a long time.

Many are hailing this as the best synthetic polymer sealant for long-lasting protection, after all.

Its synthetic polymer formula allows it to easily bond with your car’s surface and give you maximum, long-lasting protection.

This professional grade sealant is excellent against very fine scratches and other irritating contaminants like road debris, dirt, and grime.

The M21 Mirror Glaze Synthetic Sealant also provide amazing gloss with Hydrophobic water beading action.

The application has never been this easy, as well. It glides on super smoothly and when you’re finished, it glides off without any resistance at all! So you don’t need to worry about smudging.

And don’t be deluded by the fact that it’s just a sealant. It can still give your finish a head-turning, deep, and reflective shine!

Also, read this article to find out the difference between the Meguiar’s sealant M20 and M21.


3. Marine Professional Polish Sealant

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Detailing doesn’t end with your cars, motorcycles, and trucks. You can do it on your other vehicles, like planes and boats.

If you have a marine vehicle that needs some little loving, this product is a great 2-in-1 gem you definitely need to try!

It can revive the beautifully sleek look of your boat with its fantastic polishing properties.

Minor scratches, mild oxidation, and pesky water spots are just some of the enemies that this product can vanquish easily.

But not only that, it also seals in the amazingly clear surface you now have.

It can completely protect your boat’s finish from the harsh effects of acid rain and other environmental pollutants.

You get all that and this product doesn’t even contain abrasives. It doesn’t stain as well!


Other Brands Best Car Sealant

Some car owners like using products that are specifically for different colored paints.

So, if you have a black or white car, the best paint sealant for black cars and the best sealant for white cars are reviews you may want to read and consider.

However, the majority of car owners find general paint sealants to effectively perform well, regardless of the paint color.

After all, sealants that can work for any type of color is more cost-effective and can make your detail process easier.

If you’re looking for a few recommendations, here’s a list of products you can try:

1. Wolfgang WD 5500 Deep Gloss Paint Sealant

Wolfgang Concours Series WG-5500 Deep Gloss Paint Sealant, 16 fl. oz. , black
  • Wolfgang deep gloss paint sealant
  • Protects & beautifies for months, not weeks
  • Clear coat safe
  • Zero dusting formula is easy to wipe off

When it comes to the best award-winning shine, traditional car waxes are still regarded as the clear winners.

But, what if I tell you that you can get that beautiful reflective gloss for longer with the added benefit of better paint protection?

Yes, that does exist!

In fact, this sealant from Wolfgang does just that!

This sealant can give your ride the deep gloss you love from wax for double the time you usually have it.

It doesn’t matter what type or color your paint is. This sealant can do it with no problems!

You know you’re getting fantastic quality since this is the brainchild of multiple countries.

Influenced by an American auto business tycoon, an elite team of German chemists created this fabulous product using modern Japanese technology.

With a pedigree like that, you just wouldn’t doubt its performance.

It super polymer formulation has anti-static properties that easily repels contaminants like water, dirt, oil, and road debris. Shine + Shield? This is it!


2. CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant

CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant - Top Coat Polish and Sealer - Infused with Liquid Carnauba for a Deep...
  • ✅ Made with Advanced Science! – Are you...
  • ✅ Streak Free and Safe on ANY Surface! –...
  • ✅ Brilliant Show Car Shine! – Most...
  • ✅ Why choose CAR GUYS? – We Care About...

If you’re looking for a sealant that’s non-toxic, environment-friendly, and is safe to use as much as you want, this is the product to get!

Plus, it isn’t called a hybrid just for design. It combines the most sought-after properties of both a traditional wax and a sealant into one product.

Not only can you get the best of both worlds, you can also shorten the detailing time by a lot!

It’s created with carnauba paste (considered a premium in traditional car wax) which gives your car that attention-stealing shine.

It also contains fine abrasives that can give your paint a smoother finish.

That’s not even mentioning the high-performing synthetic qualities it has! Its synthetic properties double the amount of protection you get and lengthen it’s staying power.

These make this sealant very resistant to damaging pollutants like chemicals, acids, and minerals.

Plus, it can even refresh fading paint and prevent further discoloration. Wow, right? Wow!


3. Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Gloss Spray Sealant

Chemical Guys WAC_808_16 - Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Gloss Spray Sealant & Quick Detailer (Safe...
  • The world’s first hybrid detailing spray...
  • Designed to remove fingerprints, dust, road...
  • Advanced polymers in Hybrid V7 produce a high...
  • Fast and easy a revolutionary combination of...

Sealants and waxes as a 2-in-1 combo are interesting but not that uncommon these days.

If you’re in want of a pairing that’s unique, this Chemical Guys Hybrid sealant might be what you’re looking for.

Its advanced technology gets its inspiration from the modern synthetic make-up of a sealant mixed with the high gloss capabilities of a quick detailer.

When you want a quick and easy gloss, this sealant can give you that.

Its formula can help remove any imperfections caused by road debris, dust, and dirt all the while giving your car the high-quality shine you want.

It also contains advanced, transparent polymers that create a clearer and deeper finish that durably protects your surface from the harshest of elements.


4. Griot’s Garage 11075 One Step Sealant

Griot's Garage 11075 One-Step Sealant - 16 oz.
505 Reviews
Griot's Garage 11075 One-Step Sealant - 16 oz.
  • Get all the protection of an ultra-durable...
  • A light polish and synthetic sealant in one...
  • Reveals vivid color, depth, and clarity
  • Delivers long-term synthetic paint protection

Another great product that can shorten your detailing process is this one-step sealant from Griot’s.

It’s a known fact that for most car owners, maintenance can be a dragging hassle that you’d rather not do. So shortening it can be a dream!

This paint sealant from Griot’s gives effective and durable protection and can also remove unwanted surface imperfections like swirl marks, light scratches, and oxidation.

Plus, it can last very long. How long, you ask?

Well, you can get great defense for 12 whole months! That’s twice longer than most traditional car waxes already.


Sealant vs. Wax

car paint

The paint sealant vs. wax debate has been an on-going for so long in the auto forums that no clear winner so far.

If you think polish and wax were confusing, then you’ll surely find it almost impossible to discern the difference between a polymer sealant and wax.

That’s alright because they’re almost the same, anyway.

Both have something to do with paint protection, and their differences are virtually minimal.

Their main difference, however, comes from the way they are made.

A traditional car wax is created with a few naturally-occurring ingredients. Although not 100% natural, the waxes used in traditional car wax are organic.

They can either be plant-based (carnauba) or animal-based (beeswax). See the various kinds of waxes below.

A sealant is purely man-made. It is created through the modern technology of synthetic polymers.

Both products produce shine and protect your car’s coating. However, they do so in varying degrees.

A car wax is designed to give maximum shine with effective protection.

A sealant, on the other hand, is created to give effective shine with maximum protection.

So, it really depends on what you prefer more. If shine is your priority, get a wax. If protection is more important to you, buy a sealant.

Some owners prefer using both sealant and wax together so you could do that as well.


What Does a Car Sealant Contain?

While different brand car sealant has their own secret ingredients but generally all sealants are made of certain base ingredients.

Some of the base ingredients are like the formulation solvent, wax, water and amino functional silicone fluids held in suspension by emulsifiers.

You also will see ingredient terms like polymer and resins, or polymer-resins.

These are marketing terms that usually can be confusing, but they are nothing more than referring to the sealant itself.


What Is A Paint Sealant?

best roof sealant

Since they’re a relatively new product in the automotive market, you may not know what paint sealant actually is. That’s okay!

A paint sealant is made up of polymers that bond together with your car’s surface.

This creates a thin, durable, protective layer that upgrades the defense on your vehicle.

So say goodbye to fine scratches, swirls, and oxidation!

Aside from durable and easy care, a synthetic paint sealant can also be helpful in maintaining a smooth, mirror-like shine.

It may not be as clear or as gleam as a traditional wax, but most people wouldn’t even notice the difference!

Poly-sealants are not intensive to apply and protection lasts anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on the specific product. If you don’t want to spend a great deal of your time (and money) on a coating but you still care about protecting your paint, get yourself a paint sealant. – Dr. Beasleys

There are many great sealant products to try out. Some of these brands include favorites like 3M, Wolfgang, and Meguiar’s.


How to Apply Polymer Sealant?

When doing maintenance, applying a polymer sealant is easy. It’s very much like how you put on liquid car wax and polish.

Aside from the actual product, you will need auto accessories to help you with your application.

First of all, you will need to determine the method you’re going to use.

Will you be doing manually by hand? Or will you go with a machine?

If you’re going with a machine, make sure to keep your polisher or buffer ready. If you’re doing it by hand, soft foam pads are the way to go.

It’s also best to have microfiber cloths handy for when you need to remove the product after you buff.

You can apply your sealant after cleaning and polishing your surface.

Make sure to do multiple thin layers instead of a single thick layer. A thick layer will streak and cure slower. It’s also harder to wipe off.

Before beginning, remember this useful tip:

Apply car wax or paint sealant in the shade. If the product dries too quickly or sits on the vehicle for too long, it may be difficult to buff off. – Autogeek

If you want more tips, you could read this guide for more information.


The Various Types of Waxes

silicone sealant

Now you understand car paint sealant better, now, let’s discuss a little bit about car wax.

Here is the type of waxes available that can be used to formulate a good automobile wax:

  • Vegetable waxes; i.e., carnauba;
  • Animal waxes; i.e., beeswax;
  • Petroleum waxes; i.e., paraffin and microcrystalline.
  • Mineral fossil waxes; i.e., montan;
  • Synthetic waxes; i.e., ethylene polymers.

Typically, car wax can provide shine and protection from 6 – 8 weeks, under the best conditions.

However, a car paint sealant is designed to provide a longer period of protection. Some sealants can go up until 3 – 4 months!


What Is the Best Car Wax?

Carnauba car wax is still considered by many auto enthusiasts to be the best car wax there is. It is used in many wax forms, whether it be paste, liquid, or spray.

However, there is no advantage of one form over the other.

Which form is chosen has to do with what the formulator is trying to achieve:

  • A low cost;
  • Ease of application and removal;
  • Emulsification properties;
  • Protection; and
  • Gloss.


About Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax is created with naturally-occurring wax harvested from a Brazilian palm tree. It’s a well-known product for shine.

Also, carnauba has been in use in various industries since the 1920s. Some sugary treats and food items are shined with carnauba so yes, it’s edible.

The carnauba wax can comes in different forms like hard pastes, creams, or liquids.

Whichever type you choose is equally great. It’s more of a personal preference frankly speaking.

But be wary that typically off-the-shelf car wax actually has very little wax in them but loaded with abrasives.

This is further evidenced by the powdery residue present upon drying.

Also, the first thing to note is that wax you apply to your car is never in its 100% wax form.

Leno’s Garage explains it well:

You’ll frequently see marketing messages that claim a product to be 100% carnauba wax, but this is a little misleading as it’s typically referring to the purity of the wax in a specific product – Leno’s Garage

A 100% carnauba wax cannot be spreadable because it’s simply too hard. Some solvents and oil have to mix in to make it usable in a paste or liquid form.

By blending different types of waxes and ingredients, we can deliver and achieve different results like the ease of use, clarity and color enhancement.

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